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Skandia 486_340

Three meter tall website for Skandia

Since its arrival in the Netherlands in 1974, Skandia has grown into one of the largest hand-held tool brands in the Netherlands. Although Skandia can be found in well-known (web) stores, such as Karwei and, Skandia still did not have its own website. THR, wholesaler and owner of Skandia found the time to take the brand to a whole new level and called in the assistance of Alta.

Arjan Mens, Art Director: “From the discussions that we had with Skandia, the enormous enthusiasm that prevails about DIY was something that struck us all. Whether you were sitting around the table with Skandia's own handymen, or with the Category Manager, everyone spoke with passion about DIY. It was quickly clear to us: Skandia stands for DIY pleasure. And this can be seen in all of its products. In the quality, finish, the extensive range and its eye for detail. While for most brands it’s all about the products, for Skandia it’s unmistakably all about the DIY handyman. And that gave us the idea of starting to actually build the website. Because, as a brand for DIYers, it embodies DIY pleasure, so of course you build the website yourself!”

From wood to digital
And so construction of the physical website began. In hours a website was literally built with our own tools and handymen from Skandia. This all took place in one particular location: the old Zwitsal factory in Apeldoorn because there was plenty of room here to build the three meter tall home page for the website. Arjan “No mean feat because we even had to take proportions into account so that we could transfer the physical version to the digital version, item by item. We recorded the whole process in photograph and film. This was for a ‘making of’ film but also in order to subsequently be able to build the digital, responsive website. To achieve the best outcome, we brought the carpenters and the web designers into contact with one another. In total there was about 30 hours of tinkering, joinery, photography and filming.”

A time-consuming job, but one that produced a result, which not only Alta, but Skandia for sure and the team of DIY handymen could only be thrilled with. Because the brand new website not only contains product information. You can also (primarily) refer to it for details of original DIY jobs, such as an outdoor bar and a sky castle for birds. Complete with instructions. Skandia knows that you get the greatest pleasure from something if you have made it yourself. And that's why is the website where you can go to for DIY pleasure. A website made by DIYers for DIYers, aimed at the real Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts. Because a DIYer won’t buy something they can make for themselves!




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