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Clean air
in The Hague

To raise awareness amongst residents of a new scrappage scheme for scooters and cars, we have been developing a campaign in which The Hague's stork always plays a lead role. The stork is depicted with a sledgehammer in its claw sitting on a scooter and on a car. Adverts, house-to-house flyers, advertorials and Facebook adverts have been deployed for this campaign. The aim is to scrap as many old, polluting vehicles as possible and to replace them with sustainable means of transport. The campaign will have succeeded when the subsidy pot is empty.

In addition to the scrappage scheme, communication will follow to encourage the driving of electric vehicles and to give residents the impetus to burn wood in a cleaner way. The overriding objective of the campaigns is ‘working together to achieve cleaner air in The Hague’.

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