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Sales campaign

Vaillant advance sale

Huge benefits for forward-thinking customers

Using a single campaign to increase sales and build a brand – could this work? We thrive on a little pressure and so we set out to help Vaillant.

Request To develop a campaign that enhances the perception of the brand, drives consumers to make purchases and drives installers to make sales.

Advancing the brand

We opted for a sales campaign incorporating a clear call for action in the form of a cashback offer on three selected campaign products. The cashback was linked to the innovative power of Vaillant. As the inventors of the central heating boiler, Vaillant was the originator of modern-day living comfort as we know it and it’s important that everyone realizes that. For over 140 years, Vaillant's innovations have been helping the world move ahead. Now, all consumers in the Netherlands can get ahead by taking advantage of the Vaillant Advance Sale.

The campaign is made up of a countdown period and a campaigning period, in which we focused upon male home-owners aged between 25 and 55 years, with a medium to high income. By means of a national radio and online campaign, we can reach nearly 1.5 million people from our target group. 

Advancing our sales

To help the Advance Sale get off the ground more effectively, we organized a kick-off and a workshop for our staff, so that they could become actively involved in the sales of their boilers. In addition, the events that took place for installers set out to provide installation engineers with information in an enthusiastic way. We also developed a variety of campaign materials for them that will actively enable them to develop their sales.


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