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Request Repositioning Tesa precision tape in the Benelux countries.

Solution Sometimes your product is good enough and you only need to show your customers the way to get to it. So we knew from research that consumers attached great value to good artwork, but did not know which product they should choose from the enormous range within the store.

Based on that finding we chose a colorful shelf navigation system in which we lead customers to the right product using a simple palette of colors. The campaign has been rolled out across all media in which the end result (clean lines) is directly linked to an application and the correct color of tape.



• Campaign reach in the Netherlands 73%, gcf 9.6
• Campaign reach in Belgium 66%, gcf in Flanders 4.7, gcf in Wallonia 4.2
• Online video impressions (preroll) the Netherlands 1,045,000, Belgium 804,000

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