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Corporate identity

A powerful and uniform house style?

Business as usual!

Request To redesign the Nyenrode Business University house style.

Solution Nyenrode, who hasn’t heard of it? It enjoys great popularity and prestige and is held in high esteem among businesses, students and professionals alike. This leading university offers a great many study programs, each of which has its own themes and target audiences and uses a wide range of communication tools.

Over the years, each program developed its own particular interpretation of the overall house style, which meant the visual and substantive presentation of the brand image had become highly fragmented.

We addressed this by consolidating the design into a single, uniform house style and using this as a basis to create a wide range of communication templates. Here, our business challenge was to make sure that the uniform style offers sufficient scope to the various programs. They still needed to be able to add their own touch, this time without compromising on uniformity however. Of course we were keen to achieve top marks!


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