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Request Develop a concept, which positions Kinderopvang Humanitas as ‘the parenting authority’ of the Netherlands.

It is evident from research that the role of the babysitter is increasingly falling to Grandpas and Grandmas and that in order to fulfill that role, they could benefit from a wide range of support and advice. Kinderopvang Humanitas – as the largest ‘childcare watchdog’ in the Netherlands – wants to build a relationship with this group because grandparents have an important role when it comes to advising the parents.

For this purpose we developed Oma’s Oppastas (Grandma’s Babysitting Bag) A platform which helps with any questions about babysitting grandchildren. Because children are busy with anything and everything. Watching vines, snapchatting, games, internet, too many things to name. But what does it all mean? What is it that is keeping children so busy nowadays? What do they think are the nicest outings? Grandparents can find all this information at A site brimming with information, discounts, interesting outings and tips.


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