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Jantje Beton

Corporate campaign and loyalty program

Get children outdoors

Request Develop a new corporate campaign for Jantje Beton. A campaign, which explains what Jantje Beton does and why it is necessary for healthy young people in the Netherlands. Additionally develop a concept for fundraising.

Solution Playing outdoors is healthy. That’s why Jantje Beton works together with children to make the outdoor play space attractive. The perception of many adults is that children do not play outdoors due to things such as gaming and social media. However, it was apparent from research that children play indoors because there is no stimulating play environment. The problem does therefore not lie indoors, but outdoors.

It is a matter of making adults aware of this. And in so doing also the relevance and right to exist of Jantje Beton. We are speaking to donors, citizens and municipalities on the theme ‘get children outdoors’. Because only together can we build healthy young people! From the corporate concept Alta also developed a loyalty program using social media. Using all kinds of tips, tricks and gadgets, Jantje Beton helps parents to make playing outdoors fun again for their children. Parents can in turn help Jantje Beton by making a donation.


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