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Product introduction

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a wall for enhanced performance in all areas

Request When Saint-Gobain Gyproc developed Habito – an innovative plasterboard wall panel – they envisaged a major campaign in order to launch the product.

Solution Due to the many prejudices around plasterboard walls, they are used relatively little in residential new-builds. Residents perceive them as fragile and permeable to noise, whereas constructors think plasterboard walls are unpopular among residents. What is more, the interests, requirements and wishes vary among the parties in the construction chain. Habito combines all the benefits of existing interior walls, eliminates all drawbacks and accommodates the interests of each party within the construction chain.

When creating our concept, we looked closely at how the product was developed. Gyproc was able to improve plasterboard walls by examining all aspects of interior walls. Applying the same approach to communication allowed us to enhance the impact of our message. The 360° concept created by Alta, which covers multiple target audiences, literally gets to the core of the wall panel. And what of the results? With all prejudices smashed apart, residents and constructors alike have wholeheartedly embraced Habito, a wall panel offering enhanced performance in all areas.


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