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Alta, since 1921

Having been around for over 95 years, we are the oldest advertising agency in the Netherlands. Not that you would notice, however. Our history of ‘don’t look back, just look ahead’ ensures that we never sit still and that we are always fresh and original. With a long track-record, experience and enthusiasm to strengthen national and international brands, something you will definitely notice.

Brand Director. As an agency in the heart of the Netherlands, we know what is important to you as a customer. Through a range of services and expertise, which is just as broad as the outstanding specialist skills in marketing and communication and which we are able to share with you. We do this as an agency assuming the role of a brand director. We work with a dedicated team of professionals further supported by a broad network of specialists. Depending on what is required, we deploy the know-how, skill and mentality that your brand needs at that time.



We build the brand together. It’s hard to stop talking about something you feel passionate about. We love our craft and enjoy talking about our clear vision for branding, marketing, communication, innovation and technology. It’s not about showcasing our knowledge, but about working together and putting your brand on show while focusing on results. That’s also what makes us different. We don't tell you where you need to get to, but help and accompany you along the way.

Creative and pragmatic. This path starts with a broader overview of our craft. We believe in strong marketing and creativity, as well as properly setting up all the processes involved. How do you, as a customer, remain engaged optimally? Are we using all the know-how that you have? And how can we best work together with one another? Do we need to think outside of the box as far as budget is concerned? What is it that moves your target groups? In short, we get down to working together, drawing on both creativity and pragmatism.




The brand and market scan is a structured approach for systematically charting the trends, behavior and underlying motives of your target group(s). The insights from this research are used as input for the marketing strategy.


During inspiring brand sessions together with you, we develop the outlines of the campaign. In a process of co-creation, communication approaches are developed, which aim to reach your target group and move them in the desired direction so that a clear, distinct competitive advantage is achieved.


In close collaboration with you, we implement the agreed campaign activities, from developing a concept to executing it. The creative concept needs to have a constant impact within the your organization and the market you're in.


The final step in the ‘MerkMonitor’ (BrandMonitor) is to measure the results of communication activities. Based on the idea of ‘to measure = to know’ and on the fact that you can only control (or adjust) what you can measure, the campaign results are periodically charted and, where necessary, adjustments are made. This way, we know what the your investment in marketing communication is actually delivering.



  • Qualitative
  • Quantitative
  • Mystery shopping
  • Monitoring results


  • Out-of-the-box
  • Strategic
  • Positioning
  • Brand


  • Online
  • Offline
  • In-store
  • Internal branding


  • Corporate identity
  • Logos and brand identity
  • Packaging
  • Products

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